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Food, family, holiday festivities, and... energy waste


Thanksgiving is almost here! And yes, while this is the time to be thankful for all we haveespecially this year, holiday gatherings are infamous for energy waste.  

As you start preparing for your Thanksgiving plansit’s also good to take a moment to consider how you can conserve energy and save on your utility costs over the holiday season. Here are some key money and energy-saving tips from our local AC & plumbing pros you’ll be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Let’s dig in! 


Happy to Host, Not so Much about Energy Waste 


Whether you are hosting for your immediate family, or extended family and friends, there is a lot of needless energy waste at your home for the holidays. Before the first guest arrives, make sure you consider these host-approved energy-saving tips 


Set your thermostat.  


More people = more body heat. We recommend you set your thermostat as close as you can to the outside temperature. Between all the heat coming from the kitchen and your guests, it will surely be cozy! 


Turn off the lights.  


Make it a habit to turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms. Also, if you haven’t made the switch yet to more energy-efficient lighting options such as LEDs, now it a great time! Not only do they last 25 times longer than incandescent lightingbut they also use up to 75% less energy! 


Cool your drinks outside of the fridge.  


Consider setting up a cooler or drink station. By having your cold drinks outside of the fridge, this will limit the number of times your refrigerator is opened, which in turn allows for cool air to escape, and this makes your refrigerator work harder. 


Remember to prep the bathroom. 


While this isn’t about saving energy, but it will help save your sanity!  

Your bathrooms may get more use than normal. Keep extra hand soap and toilet paper in a clear spot for guests and remember to have a plunger on hand in case anyone flushes too much paperNo host likes a bathroom that doesn’t work when you need it most.  

If you need a plumbing pro to come and declogcall us we’re on call 24/7 in case of emergencies even on holidays.  



Reducing Energy Waste in the Kitchen 


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also a place that can get hot quickly and consume A LOT of energy. There are a lot of ways to save energy in the kitchen as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast. 


Buy the right size turkey.  


We love a good meal, and as enticing as it might be to cook and serve the largest turkey, make sure you buy a turkey that feeds the right number of guests. Serving the right size bird will save you on cooking time and will avoid wasted energy and food. 


Utilize the stove.  


Using the range to cook uses less energy than an oven. Consider cooking some of your sides on the stovetop and keep the pots and pans covered to prevent heat loss. 

If you do choose to use the oven, resist the urge to open it! Checking in on the food is a huge energy waste that causes your AC to have to work overtime. Not to mention each time the oven door is opened the inside oven temperature is reduced by about 25 degrees. Save some energy and use the oven light instead. 


Pack the oven. 


Bake multiple dishes in the oven at the same time. This will reduce the amount of time the oven is on and running. And will help keep your house from getting too hot while everything is cooking and your family is all gathered in the kitchen.  

If you crank up the AC to keep it cool and run into any issuescall Integrity Home Solutions for a helping hand throughout Tampa Bay.  


Energyefficient cleanup. 


After the meal, use your garbage disposal (but keep these things far away from it) and an energy-efficient dishwasher to save on time, energy, water, and money. And it sure beats hand washing every dish! You can reduce water bill sticker shock this way!


Happy Thanksgiving! 


We are thankful for each and every opportunity to serve customers near Tampa, FL. At Integrity Home Solutions, we hope you have a safe, happy, warm, and energy-efficient Thanksgiving holiday! 

If you find yourself or your home in need of last-minute HVAC or plumbing help, remember you can call our top-rated team 24/7 at (813) 531-9480 We know the last thing you need to worry about during the holidays is your home’s AC or plumbing system.  

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