How To Prepare Your Florida Home’s Plumbing For Winter

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Although winters in Florida are generally mild, we do have a couple of days where we approach freezing! Many Floridians don’t give much thought to winter plumbing problems, but being prepared for an unexpected freeze can save you time and money in the event that a plumbing issue occurs.  


Prepare for winter in your Florida home with these tips:  


Fix Leaks Now 


If you’ve noticed a constant drip from a faucet or any other leak, now is the time to take care of them! Check every faucet in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc. If you have tried to fix them on your own, but they still leak, call the pros at Integrity Home Solutions. Our local plumbers are will lend a set of expert hands for your plumbing repair.  


Seasonal plumbing maintenance is key to a well-functioning plumbing system. At IHS, we offer a year-round maintenance plan for your home! Our Priority Partner Plan gives you a few options to choose from that really do save you a significant amount of cash! 


Insulate Exterior Pipes 


This is an easy one, you can purchase insulation sleeves from your hardware store that slip right over existing pipes and protect them from the colder weather.  


Get Outdoor Faucets & Spigots Ready For Cold Temperatures 


There are a few things you will want to button up outside before the colder weather sets in. Don’t leave outdoor hoses connected during the colder months. When it drops to freezing outside at night, the water inside the hose can freeze and expand which in turn will affect your pipes!  


Other things to take care of: 


  • Remove any splitters from the faucets 
  • Locate shut-off valves and/or shut the water off to your outdoor faucets 
  • Drain exterior faucets to release any remaining water. You can even leave the outdoor faucet handles in the “on” position throughout winter!  


Check Your Sump Pump  


Yes, we said sump pumps…Your home likely has one to help with our occasional tropical storms and heavy rains. Though older Tampa area homes may not have them. If you do, take time to inspect and clean the sump pump. They can freeze when chilly temperatures set in. Flooding or damage to a crawl space can occur if you’re not careful! 


Flush Your Water Heater  


If you have hard water, any sediment left in your pipes can cause rust to develop which in turn will make its way to the water you use in your day-to-day life. Flush your water heater before the cold weather returns.  


If you are unsure of how to do this, call a plumber from Integrity Home Solutions! If your water heater is old, you could use an upgrade! Replacing your water heater before the cold weather sets in maybe the best choice for your Tampa area home.  


Schedule Plumbing Maintenance with Integrity Home Solutions  


While DIY savvy homeowners may try their hands at these tips yourself, it’s always smart to have seasonal plumbing maintenance done by a licensed professional who can diagnose any problems and fix them before they become a major plumbing disaster.  


Integrity Home Solutions serves the Tampa Bay area and is here to answer any questions you have about winterizing your plumbing. Schedule seasonal plumbing maintenance, or call us for winter plumbing emergencies at (813) 531-9480  or schedule an appointment online today!  

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