Is My AC Ready for Florida Winter?

cold florida home without heat working

Florida winters…one day we’re wearing shorts and flip flops, the next it’s blankets, boots, and sweaters! And while our “winter woes” are nothing compared to most of the country, Florida winters can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, especially on the days when we really need them.  

The heating and air experts at Integrity Home Solutions offer tips to make sure your AC is winterready 


Welcome to Florida. Winter is at 6 am. Spring starts at 10 am.  

Summer is at 2 pm. Fall starts around 4:30. Dress accordingly. 


Take Care of it Now – Before You Need the Heat Working 

When winter is still officially a few weeks away and you haven’t had to turn the heater on yet, it seems like our nice weather will never endHowever, as any long-term Florida resident knows, winter is coming – well our version of it anyway.  

If you kicked the heater on to combat a cold night recently and noticed a burning smell or weird noises, it means that NOW is the time to address your HVAC system! You had it on temporarily; imagine the strain you will put on your unit when you’re running the heat more consistently… 

Don’t delay! Call the Tampa heating experts at Integrity Home Solutions at (813) 531-9480  for a maintenance check. We’re available for emergency 24/7 repair service as well and here if you need heat in a hurry!  


Tips to Prepare Your AC for Cold Weather 

When climate changes cause the temperature in your home to drop below the U.S. Department of Energy’s suggested 68-degree winter setpoint, it is time to turn on the heat! BUT, before operating your heating system, it is important to take these important HVAC maintenance steps 


Replace the Filter  

If you still have the same air filter from the cooling season, it is important to replace it with a new filter before operating the heaterdirty air filter can restrict airflow and cause stress on various parts of the system.  

At Integrity Home Solutions, a large majority of our winter heating repairs are caused by clogged air filters. We highly recommend that you do not turn on your system without making this simple swap!   


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Clean Vents and Air Handlers 

When it comes to having proper airflow, debris can affect the ability for warm air to enter your home. Clean air vents and air handlers by wiping off stray dust and checking to make sure there is no décor blocking any airflow 


Schedule a Seasonal Maintenance Visit 

Preventative HVAC maintenance is the best way to guarantee trouble-free operation and peak performance throughout the year. This is especially the case when it comes to turning on the heater, as either of the following issues could occur:    

  • With a gas heating system, carbon monoxide problems can occur if the venting system is dirty or blocked.  
  • Dirty heat exchangers could result in higher energy bills and poor heating 


Make sure to schedule your maintenance check far enough in advance to allow for any part replacements or other repairs to be completed before colder weather arrives. Schedule your regular HVAC maintenance with Integrity Home Solutions today!  


Tampa Bay’s Premier Heating & Air Experts 

Brrr it’s cold out there, make sure it’s not too cold in here tooWhen it comes time for your heating system to be in excellent working condition, the HVAC experts at Integrity Home Solutions can helpProudly serving the entire Tampa Bay area, our heating experts will find the most efficient and cost-effective way to warm your homes.  

Quality you can trust – always – with Integrity Home Solutions. Call us today at (813) 531-9480  


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