What to Know BEFORE Turning Your AC on Full Blast this Summer


As temperatures begin to rise, there’s nothing quite like the relief of stepping into an air-conditioned space on a hot summer day. That first blast of cool air from your AC unit is a refreshing way to start the season and can make even the most uncomfortable days more bearable. However, for many homeowners, that initial rush of cold air is often followed by frustration and discomfort when their AC unit fails to work properly.


Knowing when to call in a professional technician is important, especially when your HVAC system is showing signs of potential problems.  


Scroll down to learn a few tips to give your AC a head start on the summer and keep your home cool and comfortable in the Tampa Bay heat.  

Preventative AC Maintenance 


While we may use our AC systems more in Florida, there is a time during the year when the AC is not on full blast to do preventative maintenance. In the ‘cooler’ months, keep these tips in mind: 


Keep the AC Condenser Clean


To clean your outdoor condenser consists, remove the top of the unit and use a hose to spray the dust from the inside out. When cleaning, you will want to avoid the use of chemicals that can cause premature rusting.  


Professional cleaning and maintenance are always recommended before turning your AC on again after the cooler months to ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency.  


Get Rid of the Cover  


While using a cover on your unit may seem like a good way to protect it from the weather during the off months, covers can cause moisture build-up and premature rust, especially here in humid Florida.  


It is common to see some water dripping during humid weather, but if you notice any water leakage from the primary PVC drain line, keep an eye out for excess leakage and any signs of rust.  


If the secondary drainpipe leaks, then there is likely an issue with your system.  The secondary AC line is generally found above a window or door, in the garage, or even in a hallway.  


Turning the Air Conditioning System Back On  


Around here, vacation homes or rental properties are common. Especially if you don’t live in the home full-time, take these steps before turning your HVAC system back on, but they are good for local residents to keep in mind too:  


Inspect the Copper Lines  


Before turning your AC on for summertime, inspect the large copper line coming from the unit. If it is cold, then it is a good indication that the unit is in working order. Remember though, a cold line does not tell you everything and regular service is needed to check on the refrigerant levels.  



Check for Heat  


An indication that the unit is running efficiently is to check the temperature of the air being pushed out of the outdoor condenser’s fan. 


If you notice that the heat coming from the top of the condenser is warmer than the temperature outside, it means that the heat transfer from inside the house is happening.  



Trim Plants from Around the Unit  


Foliage that has overgrown around the AC unit should be cut back to at least 12 inches from the sides. This will help keep branches and other debris from blocking the airflow to the unit or interrupting functionality. The condenser coil should be cleaned annually to run at peak efficiency.  


 When to Call in an AC Pros  


The Unit is Wobbling

 If you’ve noticed your outside AC unit wobbling, it could be an indication of an issue with the motor shaft, which is responsible for powering and controlling the fan blades inside the unit.

To determine the issue, schedule an inspection with Integrity Home Solutions and our technicians will come out for a full inspection.  


Skip the emergency HVAC repairs, and contact our 5-star Tampa, FL team today to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment at 813-473-6007. 


Loud Noises  


Older compressors will make some minor noise when in use which is completely normal. However, excessive noise could mean that there is a loose fan or another issue.  


Condenser motors often malfunction quickly and will cause a loud screeching sound. If you hear any unusual noises, you should stop the unit and have it serviced immediately by a licensed professional.  



HVAC Preventative Maintenance  


Before the heat of Summer sets in, call in the heating and cooling pros from Integrity Home Solutions for an inspection and preventative maintenance on your air conditioning unit. This will allow your system to run at peak efficiency and save you money on emergency repairs down the line.  


No matter the season, our AC maintenance and tune-up technicians will ensure your air conditioning system is functional and ready for your home’s needs. Don’t wait! Schedule preventative maintenance today—813-473-6007! 

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