Benefits of a Backup Generator

We are no strangers to thunderstorms and hurricanes in the Tampa Bay area or the impact they have on our homes. From power outages to more severe property damage, you simply never know how powerful a storm system will be when it hits our community.  


A power outage can occur even in a mild storm. These outages can range from merely inconvenient to causing property damage because key appliances can’t get power. Generally, power outages do not cause property damage on their own, but the consequences of losing power can still be dangerous to you and your family.  


To protect your HVAC system, refrigerator, and sump pump (if you have one) consider installing a backup power generator for your homeA backup generator can provide temporary power during an outage to keep your AC system, refrigerator, and other appliances running, which can save you thousands of dollars in property damage.  


Our electricians at Integrity Home Solutions discuss the benefits of a backup generator, especially during hurricane season!  

Powers Out! 


It is impossible to predict when the power will go out, especially during severe thunderstorms or hurricanes. And while power outages are often caused by storms, they can also happen at any time due to utility company equipment failures, or damage from trees or wildlife.  


A backup generator can provide temporary power to your home for days after a disaster. If you live in an area that is prone to severe storms, (hello, Tampa Bay) flooding, or power outages, it is worth it to consider installing a backup generator for your home.  


No matter what your home generator needs are, our expert generator installation electrician will help you to determine the right fit for your home! Schedule a consultation today—813-473-6007! 

Permanent Generators 


While there are multiple kinds of portable generators on the market, at Integrity Home Solutions, we install high-quality permanent backup generators to protect your home.  


Why permanent? Well, a permanent or fixed generator is connected directly to utility lines that provide the generator with fuel. Permanent generators automatically detect a power outage and provide immediate backup power. Plus, a permanent generator is especially beneficial if an outage occurs when you are not at home.  


Not sure which size backup generator is right for you? Our technicians at Integrity Home Solutions can discuss how to best protect your home. Schedule a consultation today! 



Reasons to Install a Backup Generator  


Having any kind of backup power generator in your home has many benefits that could prevent costly damage. Here are some of the benefits of installing a backup generator: 


  • Instant backup power: As soon as the power goes out, the temporary power from the backup generator can keep your HVAC, sump pump, appliances, etc. running.  


  • Saving food: When the power goes out, your refrigerator cannot run, and it only takes a few hours of no power for food to spoil. A backup generator will keep your refrigerator running.  


  • Climate control: Backup generators keep your HVAC running during a power outage and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.  


  • Sump pump: The failure of a sump pump due to a power outage can result in flooding in your home. A backup generator will keep your sump pump running to protect your home from flood damage.  


  • Extended outages: A power generator can provide several days of power, so you do not have to leave your home in the event of inclement weather or an extended outage.  


Purchasing a backup generator can provide you with peace of mind should a power outage occur unexpectedly due to a storm or equipment failure.  


Install a Permanent Backup Generator  


From keeping your HVAC running to ensuring that your food is unspoiled, a backup generator has many benefits!  


Protect your home and loved ones this hurricane season. Stay safe and prevent property damage with a permanent power generator installed by the electrical pros at Integrity Home Solutions. Schedule a consultation anywhere in Tampa Bay today! 


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