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Are you ready to stash those pool floats and drag out the blankets? Fall is upon us, meaning — it’s time for preventative HVAC maintenance 

Before switching from chilled air to toasty heat, prepare your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) for the months ahead. Our team at Integrity Home Solutions is ready to help with your HVAC maintenance needs. Scroll on to see autumn HVAC tips to prepare you for our seasonal switch! 



Fall HVAC Maintenance  


We asked our 5-star HVAC team to share their top tips on getting your HVAC system ready for autumn. Here’s what they said:  


Tip #1. Change the Air Filter  


Though air filter changes are recommended every 30 to 60 days, many homeowners let it slide over the summer. The arrival of fall is a great time to change your air filter with the changing weather.  

Your system will last longer, and the air in your home will be cleaner if you switch out your air filters frequently. Add this to your calendar for notifications every month so you don’t forget!  


Tip #2. Test Your Heater  


Sometimes it seems like your AC system can be forgotten outside dealing with the elements day after day. We just expect that it will work, but thanks to extra debris and leaves this time of year that’s not always the case.  

Don’t wait until it starts getting cold outside to check that the heater functions properly. At the end of summer or early fall, turn on the heat and crank it up a few degrees to ensure that the system is switching over seamlessly and adequately heating the home.  


Is your heater not working, or are you noticing a strange smell when it turns on? Don’t wait! Call Integrity Home Solutions, (813) 473-6007, for a heating system inspection today. 


Tip #3. Consider a Thermostat Upgrade  


The future is here! It’s cool to see many homeowners are opting to install smart thermostats because the devices automatically adjust to heating and cooling habits. Smart thermostats are efficient and can save money on energy costs 

Another benefit of smart devices is that they can be controlled with a smartphone app, allowing you to adjust the temperature when you aren’t home around the holidays. 


Tip #4. Clear the Outdoor Unit and Keep Indoor Vents Clean 


Remember: leaves, twigs, and other debris can be hazardous to your HVAC unit. If something lodges in the outdoor unit, it is a potential fire hazard. If pollen, dirt, dust, or other items accumulate, it is difficult for your HVAC to run efficiently. Clear away debris and cut back bushes or plants that are near the outside unit.  

Further, check all the HVAC vents in your house for debris. Vacuum or brush away the dust to ensure your system runs properly. 


Tip #5. Check for Drafts or Air Leaks  


While we’re HVAC pros, not contractors we know that if your doors or windows are drafty, your HVAC unit might have to work twice as hard — summer or winter — to make your home comfortable.  

Seal air leaks with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent cold drafts during the fall and winter, which will help your HVAC unit run more efficiently.  


Tip #6. Schedule HVAC Maintenance  


When the seasons begin to change, schedule preventative HVAC maintenance as soon as possible. For our snowbirds and part-time residents, it’s especially important since your system may not have gotten used for a few months or a year.  

Our techs at Integrity Home Solutions will run a battery of tests to ensure that your HVAC is running efficiently.  

We will also: 


Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold! 


It may be Florida, but it still gets cold here. Ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly by scheduling preventative HVAC maintenance with our pros. From maintenance work to emergency repairs, our team can handle all your heating and cooling needs!  

Don’t wait until it’s time to turn on the heat! Call Integrity Home Solutions for preventative HVAC maintenance today, (813) 473-6007.  


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