My Furnace Isn’t Working, Now What?


Though it doesn’t get too cold here in Tampa during the cooler months, you may want to turn on your furnace at some point this winter, and if it isn’t working, it can be a BIG inconvenience! 


Don’t panic! You shouldn’t have to bundle up inside! There is usually an easy solution to the problem, and if not, our team at Integrity Home Solutions is just a phone call away 

Here are some tips to troubleshoot your furnace when it won’t start: 


#1. Check your circuit breakers 

#2. Check your thermostat 

#3. Ensure that your filters are clean 

#4. Check the pilot light (if you have one)  

#5. Check the blower motor 

#6. Check the furnace ignition switch  


Troubleshooting Most Furnace Problems 


It can be inconvenient to turn on the furnace on a chilly morning or evening and get nothing but cool air. While we can’t guarantee that your furnace will turn on again with these steps, you’ll at least be able to tell your technician from Integrity Home Solutions that you’ve already checked the thermostat, circuit breaker, pilot light, and more.  


Let’s get troubleshooting! 


#1. Check Your Circuit Breakers 


A tripped breaker is one of the most common issues that can cause problems with your furnace, even if you have a gas furnace system! After all, it needs something to power it! 


To troubleshoot, check the circuits that power your furnace. Go to your circuit breaker and check that all the circuits are in the “ON” position. If they are, and your furnace still won’t turn on, you likely have an electrical issue that needs to be addressed by one of our technicians at Integrity Home Solutions 


#2. Check Your Thermostat 


The next logical step is to check your thermostat settings. Here are some tips: 


  • Make sure that your thermostat is in the “ON” position. (We know, it sounds silly, but this is a common fix!) 
  • Most thermostats are powered by batteries, so it might be time to change them. We recommend thermostat batteries at least once a year.  
  • Your thermostat’s wiring might be dusty. If so, give it a quick and gentle clean.  
  • Check to ensure that your thermostat is not on a schedule that could prevent it from turning on. 
  • If your home recently lost power, you may need to reset your thermostat as many reset their settings once power is restored.  


#3. Ensure That Your Filters Are Clean 


We talk about this a lot because clean filters are so important. A dirty air filter can prevent your HVAC system from turning on and running properly. Read that again!  


Your system relies on constant airflow, so if it can’t get an adequate supply of fresh air, it won’t be able to turn on and supply your home with warm air. In addition, many HVAC systems have built-in safety features that prevent the furnace from turning on if the filter is too dirty due to the enhanced danger of causing a fire.  


Therefore, we recommend changing your air filters every 30-60 days.  


#4. Check the Pilot Light 


Even if you have a modern furnace, it still likely has a pilot light to indicate that gas or propane is flowing to your furnace. Your furnace will turn off if the gas flow gets interrupted to avoid any dangerous leakage of gas or propane into your home.  


If your pilot light is out, call our team at Integrity Home Solutions to troubleshoot any gas supply issues your system could be experiencing—813-473-6007!  


#5. Check the Blower Motor 


One of the most critical components of your furnace is its blower motor, as it is the component that pushes air through your HVAC system. You can check to see if it is working by looking through the little window on the furnace to see if you can see a blinking green light.  


If the light is blinking, this means it needs the attention of an HVAC technician from Integrity Home Solutions. P.S. Make sure to mention the blinking green light when you make the service call!  


#6. Check the Furnace Ignition Switch  


If none of the above tips fixed the issue, the next step is to look at the ignitor. Keep in mind, you should only do this step if you are experienced and knowledgeable when dealing with electricity, otherwise, leave this one to the pros at Integrity!  


To troubleshoot, locate the furnace flame sensor. If it is dirty, it will not be able to function properly, and you will need to clean the component. Again, if you are like most homeowners, this might be outside of your comfort zone, so don’t hesitate to call in our team!  

Furnace Maintenance and Repair  


Now that you have checked the thermostat, circuit breakers, pilot light, air filter, and blower motor, if your furnace STILL won’t turn on, it’s time to call in our trusted 5-star rated team at Integrity Home Solutions! We’ll get your furnace turned fixed fast so you can stay cozy on these chilly winter nights.  


Is cold air blowing from your furnace? Call Integrity Home Solutions today; 813-473-6007!  



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