How Does a Whole Home Surge Protector Work?


There’s a storm raging outside, and you’re in the middle of cooking dinner while the dishwasher runs in the background. Then suddenly, ZAP! The lights go out. You may have just experienced a power surge.  


Power surges can be inconvenient and dangerous as the excessive voltage of energy running through your home can damage expensive appliances and electronics. So what can you do?  


One remedy is installing a whole home surge protector to protect your home during a power surge. Our electricians at Integrity Home Solutions outline how they work and if the investment is worth it for Tampa Bay residents.  



  • A whole home surge protector can give you peace of mind when lighting strikes.  
  • They prevent surges from the electrical panel.  
  • They are affordable, considering how much electrical repairs can cost. 
  • A professional electrician should install a whole home surge protector. 

What is a Whole Home Surge Protector? 


In the same way that a small plug-in surge protector works to protect your TV and other electronics, a whole-home surge protector works to prevent electrical power surges and spikes throughout your entire home.  


An electrical power surge is a high voltage charge of electricity that can make its way through all the wires in your home. This increase in voltage exceeds the max rated voltage of 120-volts for most outlets in your home, resulting in damage to your home’s appliances and electronics.  


Because electric surges are often unexpected and uncontrollable, such as those caused by lightning storms or grid malfunctions, a whole home surge protector acts as a buffer to protect all your home’s devices.  


A whole home surge protector can be a great insurance policy to protect your home against bad weather and power grid malfunctions.  


If you think of it that way, a whole home surge protector is a great investment.  


How a Whole Home Surge Protector Works  


A whole home surge protector is plugged directly into your home’s electrical panel instead of into a single outlet like outer surge protectors.  


Think of surge protectors as energy diverters. When a surge or spike rolls through, the device will send all the excess power that your home’s appliances and electronics can’t handle safely to your home’s grounding power line.  


Benefits of a whole-home surge protector include: 


  • They offer comprehensive protection from lightning at the point of entrance to your home. 
  • They act as a shield for larger appliances that draw more energy such as washers and dryers.  
  • They protect your entire home’s electrical system. 
  • They prevent damage to expensive appliances and electronics. 
  • They are generally affordable. 


Don’t let power surges damage your expensive electronics or appliances! Call our team at Integrity Home Solutions to learn more at 813-473-6007!    

How Effective Are Whole Home Surge Protectors? 


Whole home surge protectors are very effective if installed by a professional, especially in areas like Tampa where lightning and storms are common.  


Many homeowners know that they shouldn’t plug too many appliances into one power strip or outlet to avoid surges and spikes, but many don’t think about larger appliances like their HVAC or kitchen appliances that can get zapped by lightning or a large power surge.   


Electrical damage from a power surge can easily cost thousands, so you’re making a good investment when you install a whole home surge protector in your home.  


Prevent the Zap from a Power Surge  


Whole home surge protectors are a wise investment here in Tampa Bay—our region is known as the lighting capital of the world after all! If you are ready to learn more about whole-home surge protectors and how they will benefit your home, contact our team at Integrity Home Solutions. We’ll make sure your home is protected! 


Call us today to schedule a whole-home surge protector consultation, you’ll be glad you did later; 813-473-6007!    

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