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Shower & Tub Repair

Integrity’s Expertise Will Fix Your Problem Shower or Tub

Whether it’s a tub that won’t hold water or a shower that won’t drain, the plumbing experts at Integrity Home Solutions can take bathroom plumbing out of your hands so that you can focus on the more important things in life.

Some may (possibly correctly) argue that a shower or bath is one of the most important parts of life. For those of us who live in Tampa year round, nothing feels better after a long day in the heat and humidity than a long shower to soothe those aching bones.

Our diagnosis and the treatment we chose will be based on the type of tub or shower that you have. Many tub problems, such as cracks, leaks and clogs, need immediate attention from Integrity Home Solutions.

Without an immediate fix, your floors, walls and ceilings could be irreparably damaged. Plus, you shouldn’t have to head to the gym locker room just to get a decent shower!

How Can Integrity Help Me With My Shower?

  • Shower heads are notorious leakers but a key difference exists between showers that leak while turned on and those that leak while turned off. The fixes for this are different depending on whether the shower is on or off. If your shower head leaks when you turn it on or you see more water coming out of the area around the showerhead instead of coming from the shower’s actual spouts, it’s likely you’re dealing with hard water and other substances that can build up in your plumbing. Most commonly, the issue is limescale trapped in your shower head - a result of hard water, another problem Integrity is happy to solve for you. If the shower is leaking while off, you may have a more serious problem and should call Integrity today.
  • Pauses in the shower flow, or water stopping after being turned on happens most often when you’ve lathered your head in shampoo. In this instance if you have an electric shower, it could be that the solenoid valve is broken. Don’t risk your safety attempting to fix this problem yourself. Integrity Home Solutions can step in and ensure your next shower is pause free.
  • Loud, unpleasant sounding noise when shower is on, water turning off, sputtering or changing flow can be caused by air in the pipes. While the sounds (some say it sounds like a vibrating pipe while others hear more of a banging/hitting sound) are disturbing the solution is relatively simple.

Should you have any problems with your shower, please call the experts at Integrity Home Solutions. There are few problems that we haven’t seen. We promise a solid fix without having to tear your bathroom apart as another company might do. Call 813-575-7772 today.

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