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Tampa Bay Water Testing

Integrity Will Tell You About the Water Your Family Drinks

The Environmental Protection agency lists numerous natural and unnatural contaminants we may find in our water supply, whether it is from a public source or your personal well. While testing your water to determine what is in it is never a bad idea, there are a few situations, like major weather events or nearby construction projects, in which the EPA recommends testing your water no matter what.

Do I Need To Worry About Water Testing?

The short answer is yes.

If you are considering a water filter for any reason, you should have your water tested first. The type of contaminants in your water will dictate what course of action you take with water filtration. Another thing to consider is that you have to think about your use. If you are using point-of-use filters on your faucets, you may avoid most contaminants in your drinking water but you could still be exposed to contaminants while bathing.

If your home has a well, it should be tested periodically to ensure your safety. Unlike pre-treated city water, well water comes directly from the ground and could contain harmful contaminants, including bacteria that could render someone ill.

The Centers for Disease Control warns about not testing well water and says these two contaminants among many others can cause you harm:

Nitrates: Nitrates in water supplies can be from animal waste, flooded sewers, fertilizer, etc. If the level is higher than the EPA standards list, it can have a detrimental effect on your family’s health and wellbeing.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): These organic compounds come from industrial and fuel related chemicals. At high levels, VOCs can cause serious health issues. Often you can contact your local water suppliers to ask what VOCs might be in your supply.

Water testing may be the only way to determine what exactly comprises your water and what of those minerals and contaminants can cause radical damage to your health. Rather than wonder and worry, call Integrity Home Solutions at 813-575-7772 now to have your water tested.

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