Why Does My System Smell Like It’s Burning?!

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The heater is on, but it smells like something is on fire! Wait…. hold off on calling the fire department. This burning odor is actually a very common occurrence in Tampa when temperatures drop below 60.  

However, there are instances when that burning smell could mean trouble for your home. Our heating pros share how your HVAC system works and how to recognize the warning signs of danger. Here are a few reasons your heater smells like it’s burning and what you can do to keep it from happening.  

It’s the first time you’ve used the heater in a while.  

This is the number one reason why your unit can smell like it’s burning.  

Since its last use, dust has more than likely accumulated, and it gets stirred up the first time it’s turned on. No worries here. The dust burns off quickly and the burning smell will go away.  

For Tampa, Florida homes and people who have a vacation home here (gotta love snowbirds) you’ll want to keep this in mind. If the smell continues, call us for a duct cleaning and system checkup 

Other Hot Air Unit Burning Smell Causes  

The filter is clogged. Time to clean those air filters! When your filter is dirty and clogged, the dust can move through your furnace causing an intermittent burning odor. Say goodbye to the burning odor by cleaning or replacing your filters.    

Need a reminder? We’ll help you out.  

An object could be burning. Here’s where you should be alarmedwhen foreign objects are carelessly placed too close to the unit or vents, there is a chance they could become overheated and burn. 

Thoroughly check the unit for nearby fabrics, plastics or any flammable material and remove these items immediately. It is also a good idea to have your unit checked regularly by a professional to ensure proper clearance of the system.   

You may have a gas leak. If the burning smell doesn’t go away soon after you turn your system on, it could be something serious. This is especially the case if you smell gas.  

Don’t delay, leave the house and call a professional out immediately.  

Can I prevent this burning smell? 

The good newsMost causes of a burning odor are totally preventable and shouldn’t cause concern. The best form of prevention is to invest in regular maintenance inspections by a professional heating and air company. Preventative maintenance is the key to extending the life of your unit, how well it performs, and your safety.   

Integrity Home Solutions Heating Experts to the Rescue! 

If a suspicious burning odor has you worried, call the heating and air experts at Integrity Home Solutions! We offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the Tampa Bay area. In addition, we offer HVAC maintenance checks, so your system is in excellent working condition just in time for winter. 

Call us today at (813) 531-9480  to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our heating system repair and installation services. 

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