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Coronavirus and Contaminants: Indoor Air Quality Effect on Your Health

Indoor Air Quality Coronavirus Tampa Hvac

Breathe a little easier at this stressful time with better indoor air. Save 15% when you protect your home! 

Social distancing. Work from home. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, people were known to spend about 90% of their lives indoors! But contaminants and pollutant levels can up to 100 times what they are outsideOf course, Integrity Home Solutions wants to keep your home working efficiently while you’re stuck there. Our team has taken additional precautions to protect our clients and staff throughout Tampa BayKeep reading to learn what steps we’ve taken and how indoor air quality impacts your health year-round.  

Indoor Air Quality and the Spread of Coronavirus 

Our trusted technician teams are doing what we can to reduce your (and our) chances of coming in contact with the COVID-19 virus. However, we know that Coronavirus is not the only disease likely present in your home. Germsother virusesand pollutants are present 

Honestly, your HVAC unit pushes these germs through your ducts when it runs. Our professionals help keep you from getting sick with our home flu and now Coronavirus shots. Be proactive and protect your family from getting sick with better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). 


Save 15% when you protect your home! Integrity wants to keep your home as safe as possible. After all, what’s the point of social distancing if the air at home is contaminated. Call our team todayWe’ll be there with masks, booties, and plenty of sanitizer to clean your ducts and improve your indoor air quality without putting you at risk 


Breathe Easier with Better Air Quality 

We know that the Coronavirus is impacting our seniors (60+) mainly right now. Other than the snowbirds we love here in Tampa Bay, here are others who benefit year-round from an IAQ safety check:  

  1. Infants up to 16-years-old 
  2. Adults with Immune-conditions, allergies, or chronic respiratory issues 
  3. Pregnant women  
  4. People recovering from surgical procedures or recent illness 
  5. Pet owners (dander can cause many allergens and other germs to be present)

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Experts believe that the Coronavirus is mainly transferred by respiratory droplets. When someone coughs or sneezes these germs can travel several feet. If it happens while at home, these may circulate through the air in your central air.  

Please do what we were taught as kids and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands (scrub them) for at least 20-seconds each time. This will help to prevent not just the spread of COVID-19 but also similar viruses like the cold or flu.  

Protect your home from pathogens, call the indoor air quality experts at Integrity Home Solutions – (813) 531-9480  – today and save 15% on your IAQ needs!  


How an Indoor Air Check Helps Fight Viruses 

Our HVAC experts are focused on proactive, source control. When we test your indoor air quality, we can remedy your unique situation and aid your home from becoming contaminated. 

Let us do an HVAC system check to make sure you don’t have mold either! Plus, our team offers UV air duct sanitization. Ultra-violet systems, when installed and used correctly, can prove to be a useful tool to keep your home sanitized. Ultra-violet is an effective surface treatment used to sterilize medical instruments, clean reclaimed water, and more. Eliminate the impurities from your air! Integrity Home Solutions are your indoor air quality experts. “Zap” impurities like dust or mold with UV air sanitizers. 


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Cleaner, Healthier Air at Home    

Integrity Home Solutions help Tampa area homeowners make educated decisions to keep their homes safe during this timeRemember: HVAC maintenance is not just for when a pandemic happens, your system should be inspected at minimum, twice a year.  

Finally, in times like these, when the future is uncertain, you can continue to trust our team to recommend products that can help you breathe better. Our goal is always to help you live your best life at home with cleaner, fresher, healthier air. We urge you to do what you can to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and practice good hygiene. As a small business, we also hope that you’ll keep your neighbors and friends in mind and support locally where you can. Together we can maintain the integrity of your home and our entire local community.  

From the Integrity Home Solutions team, stay safe and sanitized. Call our professionals anytime! We’re happy to help you improve your indoor air quality or fix an emergency that may come up while you’re at home. 

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