What Can Cause a Gas Leak?

Gasburner home gas leak causes

An unexpected gas leak can not only cause serious damage to the underlying pipe system of your home but can also threaten the safety and well-being of your family (including furry members too!). It is critical to take immediate action if you detect – or even suspect – the signs of a gas leak 

Not sure what happened and what caused the gas leak? The plumbing pros at Integrity Home Solutions weigh in on how they commonly occur 


Common Causes of Gas Leaks 


Everyday Appliances.  

Many appliances such as a water heater, stove, dryer, or fireplace, use natural gas or propane to generate heat. Over time, the seals that hold and connect the piping of these appliances can wear out and corrode, thus causing a gas leak into your home.  

Worried you have a gas leak? Contact a professional plumbing company immediately! Integrity Home Solutions offers emergency plumbing services 24/7. Call us today at (813) 531-9480 ! 


 Poor Piping.  

What you may not realize is that underneath your home lies a maze of crisscrossing pipes that bring gas into the pipe connectors of your appliances. This system can become faulty or eroded over time, which leaves the pipes susceptible to wearing out or even disconnecting, especially if large tree roots are present. Poor piping is extremely common in older homes 

Gas leaks are dangerous! Not only can they damage the integrity of your home, but they can also lead to health issues as well. If you suspect a gas leak, protect your family by contacting a professional plumber or the gas company right away. 


Lack of Ventilation.  

High levels of carbon monoxide  an odorless and extremely dangerous gas – can be emitted from malfunctioning appliances that generate heat.  

In larger systems, such as home heaters, carbon monoxide is eliminated with an exhaust fan or chimney. However, if the integrity of the fan or chimney is compromised or becomes clogged, carbon monoxide can get inside your home. This type of leak can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause serious health problems, even death. 

At Integrity Home Solutions, we highly recommend having a carbon monoxide detector placed in your home where the levels can be monitored frequently.  


 How to Detect a Gas Leak 

Not sure if you have a gas leak? Here are the common signs that a gas leak may be present in your home.  

  • There is a whistling sound coming from the gas lines 
  • You smell a sulfur-like odor (similar to an egg-like odor) or musty odor (as if wet towels have been lying around) 
  • There is a layer of dust where the gas line is located. 
  • Your carbon monoxide detector shows high levels of carbon monoxide 
  • Your gas bill is higher than normal.  


You think you may have a gas leak, but are still not sure? Try this 

Mix a small amount of 50% dish soap with 50% water in a spray bottle. Set the spray bottle on the “stream” setting, cover the treaded connection interface, and look for foaming of bubbles. Got bubbles? You’ve likely got a gas leak! Don’t wait! Call a professional plumber who offers gas leak detection services 


Let’s Find That Leak! Signs Of A Gas Leak In Your Home  


Get Help with Gas Leaks 

A gas leak can be hard to find and extremely dangerous to your health. If you suspect a leak call your gas company and leave your home until they can check your system. Sometimes they don’t detect a smaller (but still dangerous) gas leak in your home. You’ll want to call Integrity Home Solutions is Tampa Bay’s premier plumbing company! We offer 24/7 plumbing services including gas leak detection and fast, effective gas line repairs. 

Quality you can trust; 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We get the job done right the first time to keep you and your family safe Contact us today at (813) 531-9480  to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our gas line repair or other plumbing services. 



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