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6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality This Spring

As plants and flowers begin to bloom this spring, pollen levels will skyrocket here in Tampa Bay, causing watery eyes and stuffy noses. Fortunately, improving your space’s indoor air quality can help keep those allergy symptoms at bay.  


Learn 6 tips for improving the indoor air quality in your Tampa home this spring from our team at Integrity Home Solutions! 

Tip #1. Change the Air Filter  


The quickest way to improve the indoor air quality in your home is to change the HVAC air filter. Over time, you’ll notice that the air filter begins to look dirty, which is a great sign. This means that it is doing its job to trap airborne particles like dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander.  


Once it becomes clogged, however, it won’t function properly. This will likely result in airborne contaminants circulating through your HVAC system and throughout your home.  



We recommend changing your air filter at least once every 30-60 days, or as needed, to improve your indoor air quality.  



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Tip #2. Use an Air Purification System  


Another simple way to improve air quality in your home is to use a whole-home air purification system, which is essentially an air purifier that is installed directly onto your HVAC system. As the system operates, it will filter the air through the air purification system. Depending on the kind of air purification system that you install, you may need to replace its filter periodically as well.  


If you don’t want to install an entire air purification unit in your HVAC system, you can always invest in a portable version. These kinds of air cleaners are ideal if you suffer from asthma or allergies as you can move them throughout your home to alleviate symptoms. 

Tip #3. Grow Indoor Plants  


Certain plants can help improve the air inside your home too! Plants that are known to help purify air include: 


  • Peace Lily 
  • Spider Plant 
  • Dwarf Date Palm 
  • Devil’s Ivy 
  • Rubber Plants  


Tip #4. Clean Your Ducts 


If you have a ducted HVAC system, it is crucial to have the ductwork cleaned every 3-5 years. Dust, dirt, dander, and other debris can build up in the ductwork and then get distributed throughout your home through the air vents.  


If you are planning on installing a new air conditioning system, consider upgrading to a ductless HVAC system. A zoned, ductless HVAC system can be particularly beneficial because they are not only energy-efficient, but they don’t require ducts. Plus, with a ductless, zoned HVAC system, you can heat or cool rooms according to different temperature preferences.  


Tip #5. Schedule Preventative Maintenance  


Along with periodic duct cleaning, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance as well. Many modern HVAC systems will alert you when it is time for maintenance, but if not, we recommend standard twice-year visits from our team at Integrity Home Solutions.  


We will inspect and clean every part of your HVAC system to ensure that it is running smoothly year-round.  


Tip #6. Improve Ventilation 


To maintain good air quality, your home needs optimal ventilation. Many of today’s homes are built to make them airtight. While this is good to help prevent air from escaping your home and boosting HVAC energy efficiency, it can also create poor ventilation in your home.  



Outdoor air must circulate through your home to help dilute airborne particles and pollutants.  



If you live in a home with a tight envelope, you should have its ventilation inspected. An inspection from experts will determine whether the airflow in your home is sufficient and up to code.



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Say Hello to Cleaner Air  


Allergy season will soon be upon us, and everything will soon be covered in a blanket of yellow pollen. Don’t suffer from allergies and poor air quality in your home this spring!  


Call our air quality experts at Integrity Home Solutions for an air quality audit, duct cleaning, and HVAC maintenance today; 813-473-6007!   

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