8 Energy Savings Tips for Summer

It’s not even “officially” summer yet, but it sure is heating up! Aside from making all of us want to retreat into our air-conditioned homes, these hot summer days can be disastrous for your wallet. Why? Because the largest part of your energy bill comes from your home’s HVAC system.  


With your AC running 24/7 all summer, it’s no wonder that you can expect some of the highest energy bills to occur in the summer months! 


Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in the summer heat to save money. Follow our summer energy-saving tips, so you can keep your cool while saving energy all summer long! 

Energy Saving Tips & Tricks  


Ready to save some money this summer? Follow these eight tips! 


#1. Maintain Your AC  


Your HVAC system requires regular seasonal maintenance to work efficiently throughout its lifespan. Neglecting necessary maintenance will ensure poor performance and higher energy usage (AKA high energy bills!)  


Although we recommend that seasonal maintenance be performed by our technicians at Integrity Home Solutions, you don’t have to be a certified HVAC professional to give your AC a quick check to ensure that it is running properly.  


  • Vacuum air vents regularly 
  • Ensure furniture and other objects aren’t blocking airflow 
  • Check your outside unit for leaves or debris  


We’ll keep your HVAC well maintained and running efficiently! Schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance with Integrity Home Solutions today; 813-473-6007!    


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#2. Replace Your Air Filter  


Replacing your air filter every 30-60 days is one of the most effective ways to make sure your AC is running efficiently. 


Clogged, dirty air filters block airflow and reduce your air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat. 


Replacing a dirty HVAC filter can lower your AC’s energy usage by 15%.  


Cleaning or replacing your air filters is especially important in the summer months when your AC is in constant use or if you have pets.  


Pro tip: Put it on the calendar so you don’t forget!   

#3. Check Your Thermostat


Set your thermostat as high as you can comfortably stand on a hot summer day; ideally 78°F. Every degree of extra cooling will increase your air conditioner’s energy usage by 6-8%.  


To save energy, keep your house warmer than normal when your family is away for the day, and lower the temperature only when you are at home.  


A smart thermostat can make these things easier because you can automatically adjust the temperature settings in your home to run at peak energy efficiency. These thermostats will learn your habits over time and establish a schedule that can automatically adjust when you are asleep, on vacation, or at work.  


#4. Use Fans 


While fans don’t produce cool air on their own, their airflow creates a wind chill effect that will help you feel more comfortable, even if your thermostat is set to a higher temperature.  


A ceiling fan allows you to set your thermostat at least 4° higher , which equals energy savings! 


Though this can help save on energy costs, remember to turn the fans off when you leave your house. 


#5. Close The Blinds 


Close your blinds or curtains in the daytime to keep out the solar heat from the sun. Southern and western-facing windows get most of the summer sun’s heat, so make sure to invest in high-quality shades or curtains and keep them closed.  


#6. Use a Dehumidifier  


In our hot and humid climate, a dehumidifier can be the perfect partner for your AC and a great way to lower humidity levels in your home. A dehumidifier will help you save on energy costs because your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to cool and remove moisture from the air. 


#7. Seal Your Home 


Preventing air leaks is important year-round. Simply using caulking or a weather strip to seal your home can save up to 30% on climate control costs during the summer.   


  • Use caulk to seal cracks between doors and window frames 
  • Apply weather stripping around window sashes or doors 
  • Check your attic or basement for air leaks and seal with foam or caulking 


#8. Use LED Bulbs 


Though not HVAC-related, every little bit of energy savings helps! LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting option on the market and last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.  


Though they might cost a little more upfront to install, they will soon pay for themselves in energy savings. They use about 75% less energy than other bulbs! 

Save On Energy Costs This Year 


Energy savings aren’t just for the summertime. Many of these tips can be used year-round to help you save money. From smart thermostats to HVAC maintenance, our team at Integrity Home Solutions can help you save on energy costs by improving the efficiency throughout your home!  


Ready to get started? Call Integrity Home Solutions to schedule a service call today; 813-473-6007!   

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