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Common Thermostat Problems Affecting Your Home’s Comfort

A well-functioning air conditioning system is essential for your comfort in Florida’s hot, humid climate. Any issues with air conditioner performance can be worrisome, but before calling in an HVAC professional, check the thermostat. 


Minor thermostat problems can mimic more serious issues with your air conditioner and will directly impact cooling system performance and your comfort. 


If your Tampa, Florida home is difficult to cool despite your best efforts, there may be an issue with your thermostat. Here are some reasons why your thermostat may need servicing or an upgrade: 

Thermostat Problems 


When problems arise with your thermostat, the symptoms are usually subtle and not immediate. You won’t see sparks flying or smoke alarms going off, but you may notice that your home is not as comfortable as it used to be. It may be too hot or too cold, and adjusting the temperature settings doesn’t seem to make a difference.


A faulty thermostat may be to blame if your air conditioner begins to have short cycles, or if it runs non-stop. Learning how to troubleshoot these thermostat issues can help you avoid a possibly costly service call.  


If you cannot troubleshoot the issues on your own, Integrity Home Solutions is available 24/7 to help diagnose your thermostat or HVAC problems. Call us today—813-473-6007!  


Common Thermostat Problems 


Here are all too common thermostat issues and what you can do to attempt a quick fix:  



Problem #1. The Thermostat is Installed in Direct Sunlight  


If your home is freezing year-round, you might be experiencing this common thermostat problem.  


Watch to see if your thermostat is in direct sunlight at any point during the day, especially if your home’s temperature is uncomfortable. A thermostat in direct sunlight can give false readings of high temperature and cause your AC to continuously run during the summer, or your heater to shut off or not run at all during the winter.  


To remedy this issue, our technicians at Integrity Home Solutions can relocate your thermostat to a new location to ensure that your system is running smoothly and efficiently.  



Problem #2. The Thermostat is Too Close to a Heat Source  


Like the first problem, this common thermostat problem usually manifests as an unusually cool home. Just as direct sunlight can cause false high-temperature readings, installation too close to a heat source like a fireplace can cause your thermostat to register a higher temperature.  



Problem #3. The Thermostat is Not in a Central Location 


If you notice hot and warm spots throughout your home, you may be experiencing this issue. Our technicians recommend that your thermostat is placed in a central location such as a hallway to allow for optimal temperatures throughout your space. 


Uneven temperatures throughout your home can be caused by many other problems, so you may want to consider zoning your home (we can help with that).  



Problem #4. The Thermostat is Dirty  


Over time, dust and grime can build up inside the thermostat. This dust and debris can cause the contacts inside to give inaccurate temperature readings.  


You can fix this issue by removing the plastic housing and gently brushing away the dirt with a soft brush.  

Problem #5. The Thermostat is Old, Inefficient, or Broken 


Thermostats can last for many years, but they will occasionally need to be replaced. If your thermostat still uses mercury, it may be time to upgrade to a more accurate digital model.  


By purchasing and using a new programmable or Smart thermostat, you can save on energy costs year-round.  


If you are interested in upgrading your thermostat, our technicians at Integrity Home Solutions can help! Call us today for an installation quote—813-473-6007 



Diagnosing Thermostat Problems  


While your HVAC issue may not always be a result of one of these common thermostat problems, troubleshooting them can be a good place to start.  


If you need help diagnosing or repairing your Tampa Bay area home HVAC system, call Integrity Home Solutions—813-473-6007! We are your local keep it cool experts; available 24/7 to help your home!  

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