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New HVAC System? Here’s How to Get the Best Results!  

Just invested in a new HVAC system? You’ll want to protect your new unit and keep it running smoothly.  We care about the integrity of your home; let us provide you with all the necessary knowledge to keep your HVAC running well year-round. You know we’re all for achieving maximum efficiency.   Ready? Let’s get into

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Is Your Thermostat Setting Affecting Your Productivity?

Your temperature preferences could be negatively impacting your productivity.     From caffeine intake and even thermostat settings, many things can impact your performance at work. As changes occur in our environment, our mental capacity can also be affected.     High temperatures in our office spaces can cause heat stress, while low temperatures can cause a

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Get Ready: Preparing for Your Seasonal HVAC Service Appointment

Now that fall is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to schedule a seasonal HVAC appointment. But how do you prepare for an HVAC service appointment? Is there anything that you should do or have ready in advance?     Don’t worry! Our HVAC experts at Integrity Home Solutions outline how to prepare

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7 Tips to Get Your HVAC Ready for Summer

  Living in Tampa Bay, we know that HVAC is a necessity during the hot months of the spring and summer. With temperatures already reaching the high 80s, now is the time to make sure your AC system is in optimal condition before the heat of summer truly sets in.     Learn seven tips to

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